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Accepting Submissions
Until 15 September 2019

HOPOS, the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, is devoted to promoting scholarly research on the history of philosophy of science. We construe this subject broadly, to include topics in the history of related disciplines and in all historical periods, studied through diverse methodologies. We aim to promote historical work in a variety of ways, but especially through encouraging exchange among scholars through meetings, publications, and electronic media.

HOPOS 2020 is open to scholarly work on the history of philosophy of science from any disciplinary perspective. To encourage scholarly exchange that speaks to the cultural and temporal reach of HOPOS, we especially encourage submissions that take up philosophical themes that cross different cultures and time periods.  

The conference language is English.

Keynote Speakers

Sean Hsiang-lin Lei
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Program Committee

Kant and Before Program Subcommittee

Deborah Brown (Chair), University of Queensland
Ahmed Al-Wisha, Claremont Graduate University
Sylvia Berryman, University of British Columbia
Margaret Anne Cameron, University of Victoria
Milena Ivanova, Cambridge University
Jack Zupko, University of Alberta

After Kant Program Subcommittee

Karine Chemla (Chair), CNRS & Université Paris Diderot
Michael Beaney, King's College London
Hasok Chang, Cambridge University
Nadine de Courtenay, Université Paris Diderot
Teru Miyake, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Local Organizing Committee

Darrell Rowbottom (Chair), Lingnan University
Vinnie Cheung, Lingnan University
Jamin Asay, Hong Kong University
Dan Marshall, Lingnan University
Jiji Zhang, Lingnan University

Website Design & Oversight

Zvi Biener (Chair), University of Cincinnati
Marcus Adams, State University of New York – Albany
Dan Marshall, Lingnan University


HOPOS Governance


Mary Domski, President, University of New Mexico
David Stump, Vice President, University of San Francisco
Helen Hattab, Past President, University of Houston
Marcus Adams, Executive Secretary, State University of New York – Albany
Matthew J. Brown, Treasurer, University of Texas - Dallas

Steering Committee

Delphine Bellis, Paul Valery University Montpellier
Francesca Biagioli, University of Vienna
Zvi Biener, University of Cincinnati
David Marshall Miller, Iowa State University
Sophie Roux, École Normale Supérieure – Paris
Justin E. H. Smith, Université Paris Diderot


Support for HOPOS 2020 is provided by the Lingnan University Department of Philosophy, the Lingnan University Office of Research Support, and HOPOS, the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science.

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General inquiries about HOPOS 2020 can be directed to the HOPOS Executive Secretary, Dr. Marcus Adams (

Questions concerning practical arrangements at Lingnan University can be directed to Ms. Vinnie Cheung (, the Administrative Officer in the Lingnan University Department of Philosophy.